Refer people to ReliefMix and get paid today!

ReliefMix is a mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play. Enriched with tons of content and unique features, ReliefMix affords users’ the ability to create custom mixes of relaxing sounds and music, custom affirmations, and much more.

ReliefMix is highly rated, retains users and converts many to happy, paying customers. Countless amount of effort has been put in place to provide frequent updates and maximize user satisfaction.

The problem

Although ReliefMix continues to build a happy userbase, growth is slow due to heavy over-saturation of Google Play and Apple App Store. Today, there are millions of apps available on these platforms, all competing for a spot at the top. As a result, we’re introducing the ReliefMix affiliate program.

The solution

The ReliefMix affiliate program offers an easy way to refer users to ReliefMix and get paid. Getting started is easy, and live hands-on support is available to help you begin making money quickly.

ReliefMix affiliate program is open to everybody, and is tailored for platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms where content like what in ReliefMix is shared.

The benefits

As an introductory offer, we’re offering 50% commission on app revenue after Google/Apple’s cut. For monthly subscribers, we’re offering healthy compensation upfront.

As an early adopter, this 50% commission rate will be permanent. We only ask that you provide us with feedback on how we’re doing!

In addition, we’re promising same-day payout on referred users. Well, at least within 24 business hours, as we have to sleep, too!

Getting started

We offer a custom in-house affiliate system that enables you to easily generate referral links and monitor how many users have clicked, downloaded, and purchased ReliefMix from your personal links.

Get started today by signing up at

Please email us at [email protected] for accelerated support and help increasing your overall profit!

See it in action

From our powerful affiliate system, you can see how many users’ click your link, download the app, and purchase.

Creating a referral link is easy. The below link is:

Clicking on this link counts as a “redirect”. Downloading ReliefMix after clicking the link counts as a “download”. Once a user upgrades – even if it’s six months (or a year!) after downloading – their upgrade will be recorded and commission paid out to the affiliate.